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UN News Centre: You did not actually send people on the ground to collect samples, but these were based on information that had already been collected at the time of the incidents? Virginia Gamba: Yes, what happens is this mandate the mandate we have is not about verifying the use of a substance, because that really belongs if you are a state party of the Chemical Weapons Convention it belongs to the OPCW. So the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons instituted what is called the fact-finding mission of their own inspectors. They did not have a mandate to attribute who had done it. They were only asked to say what had been used in that allegation. When we came in, our mandate says: from the moment that they conclude and verify that a substance was used, then we need to try to find out who had used it. To be able to verify who had used it, you would need a different set of, if you wish, tools. In a way you dont need to engage in sampling of the environment or again blood sampling, or looking so much into the effects on people to determine the substance. What you need to do is: how was the substance used? What was the ammunition utilised? What was the delivery system utilised?

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